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Upper School at ACE

Expanding the educational experience and accelerating the pace of learning
for upper school students.


The Upper School at ACE Academy serves students from 5th to 8th grade
and serves as our middle school.
In Upper School, students build on their foundation in order to stretch themselves to the next level. Social Emotional Learning continues to be an integral part of everything we do at ACE. In addition, an effective gifted curriculum embeds grit, intrinsic motivation, divergent thinking, and self-efficacy into the year. Students are challenged to reflect on their emotional intelligence as well as their intellect.

The robust experience focuses on leadership skills and design thinking. Our small classes (no more than 12 students) allow teachers to create meaningful relationships with the students, enabling a collaborative, thoughtful and respectful classroom environment.


We embrace the term gifted and use gifted education research to guide our teaching and provide an exceptional educational experience to those we serve.


ACE eXploration challenges students to select a research topic of interest to them, and independently research the topic. Far more than simply looking up a topic and writing a paper, ACEX encourages students to seek out information from multiple sources, including opposing ideas or viewpoints. Learning to assess credibility and objectivity of sources is a key skill they’ll take to high school and college. Along the way, students learn how to scope and manage long projects, as well critical analysis, creating annotated bibliographies, and presentation skills

ACE Innovation

One of our most popular courses, ACE Innovation teaches critical analysis and design thinking via hands-on projects.
These skills are especially important for gifted learners, who gain confidence when they see the results of their ideas come to life. Learning the design thinking approach encourages
gifted students to be more creative in their solution-based approaches. ACE Innovation is a student interest centered program that helps instill in students a problem-solving mindset by giving them time to explore, take risks, make mistakes, and understand the design thinking process in authentic ways.

Upper School Curriculum

An advanced curriculum covers
core subjects, while encouraging
curiosity, risk-taking and

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Fine Arts & Electives
in Upper School

Our elective offerings improve
communication and thinking skills, and allow students to explore their interests.

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Tour & Admissions

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Sample Upper School Schedule

One-on-one support and counseling is offered to ensure that parents and students select a school that will offer them the best opportunities. We support families to identify a high school that works for each individual student's strengths, desires and ambitions. Graduates of ACE Academy have been accepted into a wide range of private and public schools, with just a handful listed below. Having served the Austin community for more than 17 years, we’ve seen ACE graduates go on to top-tier colleges and universities where they’re prepared, socially and academically, to pursue their passion.

High School and Beyond!

  • “I like the free-flowing style which not only allows for more interesting experiments in science, but it also allows you to learn in a way that benefits you.”

    Ethan C.
  • “All the things that I'm good at seem to just emerge-writing, film making-many things that I never really knew that I could do; but I discovered how to do them at ACE.”

    Luke B.
  • “For someone who actually and truly gets joy out of learning, for learning's sake, it's pretty much the perfect school”

    Amelia H.
  • “ACE teachers teach us well and if we stay here long enough, we will become good adults.”

    Setara M.
  • “My son was hesitant to switch schools in 3rd grade. But what we found was more than a school. We found community, camaraderie, and passion for learning.
    He's so happy at ACE and hasn't looked back!”

    Evelyn G.
ACE Academy is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancedEd/SACS/CASI) through 2027. ACE Academy is a 501(c)3 school.
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