Upper School

"There’s a real excitement of discovery & learning at ACE." - Tabitha M.

Our Approach

In Upper School, students build on their foundation in order to stretch themselves to the next level. Social emotional learning is part of everything we do at ACE including an affective curriculum that embeds grit, intrinsic motivation, divergent thinking, and self-efficacy into the year; students are challenged to reflect on their emotional intelligence as well as their intellect. In addition to an advanced curriculum, the upper school experience focuses on leadership skills and design thinking.

Upper School students have access to:

• Math offerings that start at the 5th grade level and extend for those students who are ready.

• Language Arts offerings that cover 5th - high school state and national standards and provide differentiation for students to explore depth and complexity.

• Science offerings (using the AAAS Atlas, Next Generation Science Standards, and the International Society for Technology in Education Standards) that start at the 5-8 level and extend to undergraduate-level material for those students who are ready.

• History offerings that start at the 5th grade level using state and national standards (e.g., NCSS, NCHS) but are enriched, through depth and complexity, to cover high school concepts, as well as advanced historiographical, research, writing and presentations skills.

• Foreign language & fine arts classes.

• ACE Innovation

• Project based learning

• Advisory