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Lower School at ACE

The first years of school set the stage for how children grow a positive relationship with school; this is especially true for gifted students.


The Lower School at ACE Academy serves students from 5 to 10 years old, corresponding to Kindergarten to 4th grade.
Beginning at a young age, gifted students can often surge in some subject areas and need more guidance, practice, and patience in others. ACE's Lower School allows for the development of gifted learners providing them with individualized instruction to meet their academic, social and emotional needs.

Age and Ability Grouping

At ACE, gifted students are able to be with same-age peers, while learning at an academically advanced level. Within our small classrooms of no more than 12 students, teachers implement differentiation strategies (product, process, content) to tailor individual learning. Through formal and informal assessments, teachers recognize when a child needs something different and have the flexibility to group students in arrangements that are best suited for their learning outcome.
This allows for the development of their social skills and leadership traits, while challenging these eager young learners in their studies

Lower School Curriculum

We encourage critical thinking and
creativity in every discipline through
a culture of curiosity, risk-taking
and collaboration.

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Fine Arts & Electives
in Lower School

ACE provides a well-rounded
education, including a variety of arts
and electives to engage students.

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Sample Lower School Schedule


In lower school, learning objectives (grounded in National Standards) are highlighted in each core course; an assessment is associated with each objective so parents can see how their child is doing at a given point within the year. In addition to the core learning objectives, SEL criteria are also included on the report cards.

Beginning in 3rd grade, students participate in ERB’s Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP), which covers reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, mathematics, science, as well as quantitative reasoning.
  • “ACE teachers teach us well and if we stay here long enough, we will become good adults.”

    Setara M.
  • “For someone who actually and truly gets joy out of learning, for learning's sake, it's pretty much the perfect school”

    Amelia H.
  • “All the things that I'm good at seem to just emerge-writing, film making-many things that I never really knew that I could do; but I discovered how to do them at ACE.”

    Luke B.
  • “I like the free-flowing style which not only allows for more interesting experiments in science, but it also allows you to learn in a way that benefits you.”

    Ethan C.
  • “My son was hesitant to switch schools in 3rd grade. But what we found was more than a school. We found community, camaraderie, and passion for learning.
    He's so happy at ACE and hasn't looked back!”

    Evelyn G.
ACE Academy is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancedEd/SACS/CASI) through 2027. ACE Academy is a 501(c)3 school.
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