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Social Emotional Learning

ACE Academy's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program serves to reach and meet the needs of all students.


We pride ourselves on an effective Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum that embeds respect, cooperation and responsibility into our daily lives.
ACE values social emotional learning (SEL) as a core part of our curriculum as well as the practice of embedding it into daily teaching practices.
To emphasize the importance of this, our evaluation process includes meaningful criteria that builds from Kindergarten to 8th grade.
Teachers use an emotional intelligence philosophy that aligns with the needs of their particular class. The School Counselor supports the teacher and class by teaching weekly lessons and meeting with individuals and small groups as needed.
Research shows that SEL programs not only promote social skills and emotional development in the short-term, but also future wellness as students graduate from high school and enter into their career fields.

Supports & Outcomes

SEL Approaches

Teaching specific SEL skills
Teacher & classroom integration
Blended in curriculum & lessons
Collective buy-in as a school & culture
Staff training in Conscious Discipline

Additional Supports

Community Circle
Health and wellness programs
Lunch bunch for peer-to-peer learning
Conflict resolution
Counselor workshops for students and parents

Academic & Behavioral Outcomes

Learned SEL skills
Enhanced attitudes: peers, school, education, self
Improved learning environment: engaged, supported, included
Lowered stress levels
Improved Self-Esteem
You'll find thoughtful and educational content written by our school
counselor on our blog, "The Nest". These posts will give you insight into how ACE supports the gifted student and their social emotional learning.

SEL Programs at ACE

No Place for Hate

No Place for Hate® is an initiative of the Anti-Defamation League offered to schools who can earn the esteemed designation. ACE's student-led No Place for Hate® coalition works together to ensure ACE is and continues to be an inclusive, welcoming community committed to stopping forms of bias and bullying. For over 6 years ACE families and educators have supported these efforts to make ACE an environment where all are welcome.
Students learning

ACE Engage

ACE supports the gifted student as an individual through regular touch points. ACE Engage is a signature course that helps students develop a sense of connection toward themselves, their peers and their community.

Students participate each week in one of the three key engagement areas: health and wellness, service learning, and team building. These skills are critical to the overall well-being of gifted children.
Two students talking with a teacher

Upper School Advisory

Our upper school students are each assigned an advocate and a mentor. Through weekly meetings we are able to connect with students in a personal, meaningful way. These weekly check-ins foster a gifted child’s academic and social emotional growth and build strong, positive relationships with adults outside of their immediate family. When possible, advisors stay with their advisees throughout their upper school experience.
ACE Academy is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancedEd/SACS/CASI) through 2027. ACE Academy is a 501(c)3 school.
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