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Lower School Curriculum

We encourage critical thinking and creativity in every discipline through a culture
of curiosity, risk-taking, collaboration, and support.



The math program encourages students to play with numbers and start building a mathematical mindset while exploring advanced topics. Our goal is to have students develop mathematical communication, increase collaboration, and understand the connections between all aspects of math.

We use several standards, sources, and approaches including but not limited to, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Art of Problem Solving (AoPS), Beast Academy, IXL math, and the Number Lab approach to guide our curriculum.


The literacy program focuses on vocabulary, print awareness, phonological and phonemic awareness. Students build their ability to apply literary analysis skills, write for a variety of purposes, and develop a love of reading.

At ACE, Lucy Calkins’ Units of studies guides our curriculum, but we also use several standards and benchmarks, including, but not limited to, the TEKS and the National Common Core.


The STEM program develops science skills such as measurement, data collection, and analysis while introducing students to a large variety of scientific topics. Hands-on experiences allow students to learn science in a dynamic environment and draw connections to other disciplines.

At ACE, we use the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE) to guide our curriculum design.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, all grade levels cover the core domains of history, geography, government, citizenship, and culture and society. In first and second grade the scope is broader, looking at the world as a whole.

We use the TEKS and National Geographic Standards (NGS) to structure our curriculum.

Foreign Language

Studying a second language is not only about communicating with other people, it is also the best way to exercise and open our minds. The elementary years are the best time for gifted students to acquire this second language naturally and easily. We support academic learning with activities that entertain, motivate and encourage their creativity. Students learn Mandarin or Spanish through games, songs, crafts and projects.

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