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How Can I Tell if Gifted Education Is Right for My Child?

My Child...
- Expresses curiosity about many things

- Asks thoughtful and complex questions

- Has an extensive vocabulary and uses complex sentence structure

- Demonstrates abstract thought processes; thrives on complexity

- May be very intense or sensitive; shows strong feelings or opinions

- Is able to express herself / himself well

- Solves problems or organizes information in unique ways

- May be highly energetic

- Has an unusually good memory

- May exhibit unusual talent in art, music, or drama

- Has an unusually strong moral sense

- May be natural leaders

- Uses previously learned data in new contexts

- Quick to grasp relationships; draws inferences
- May see many solutions to a problem

- Is well able to order things in logical sequence

- Discusses and elaborates on ideas; gives complicated/detailed explanations

- Is a fast learner

- May be developmentally advanced

- May see ambiguity in factual information

- Works independently and uses initiative

- May prefer the company of older children and adults

- Exhibits a highly developed sense of humor

- May be perfectionistic, highly self-critical; likes to be the best in everything

- May have varied interests

- Has a sustained attention span; shows willingness to persist on challenging tasks (particularly in their area of interest)

- Is very observant

- Shows talent in making up and telling stories
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