"The science and math are awesome." - Grant K.

Innovative STEM Curriculum

In Lower School, class provides a clear emphasis on science while also honoring the importance of its connections with other disciplines. Technology, engineering, art, and mathematics experiences are all seamlessly woven into the composite science curriculum that is offered. Using the NGSS as a reference, a variety of topics are studied, including everything from human biology to the final frontier of space. In STEM, science is a process of wonder and investigation - where the natural curiosity of younger students is fostered using an inquiry-led approach that develops critical thinking. Every engineering challenge students undertake and piece of art they create builds problem-solving skills and flexible thinking. By providing authentic science experiences, students become skillful, confident young scientists.

The Upper School STEM classes build on the lower school experiences with additional depth and complexity. Using NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) as reference, students learn to construct their own knowledge, design innovatively, think computationally and communicate creatively using science and engineering practices that are safe, legal and ethical. Lessons are designed to empower student’s voices. Students are initially engaged with hands-on experiences that permit them to explore on their own or in teams and provide an opportunity to explain what they understand to the whole class. Content includes earth, space, life, physical, and engineering sciences with tools such as 3D printers, NXT and EV3 robotics systems, Sparkfun cyber physical systems, aquaria and terraria with living organisms, video microscopes, incubators and media for microbiology explorations, environmental testing equipment, and the full support of Microsoft Suite and computers for data collection and analysis, frequentist inferential statistics development, professional graphics generation, and presentations.