"The students’ enthusiasm for learning inspires me every day." - Rama S.

Our Approach

At a young age, gifted students can surge in some subject areas and need more guidance, iteration, and patience in others. The pod structure allows for the asynchronous development in students providing them with individualized instruction to meet their academic, social and emotional needs.

Throughout most of the day students are with their age-appropriate peers, allowing for the development of their social skills and leadership traits. During core academic subjects the students are grouped by ability. This unique fluidity with learning groups facilitates meeting each student’s diverse academic needs regardless of their age.


The first step into ACE is an important one. In our pods, children are expected to act their age, being gifted should not mean more pressure to grow up. Teachers encourage the development of skills in a positive way, center activities are designed to allow multiple levels of engagement, and an overall higher level of vocabulary is used daily in the classroom by teachers and students. This is just a taste of how our pods set the tone for an ACE education.

Pods Students Have Access to:

• Math offerings that cover K - 4th grade levels and can extend for those students who demonstrate readiness.

• Language Arts offerings that cover K - 4th grade state and national standards.

• Science offerings (using the AAAS Atlas, Next Generation Science Standards, and the International Society for Technology in Education Standards) that start at the K-2 level and extend to the 3-5 level.

• Social studies offerings that tie in with thematic units and are incorporated within the language arts curriculum.

• Foreign language & fine arts exposure.