ACE Philosophy

What makes us different?

Personalization & Depth

Keeping our classes small allows us to personalize the educational experience for individual students by differentiating the curriculum based on their prior knowledge, needs, and interests. We focus on the nuances of subject matter and provide thematic experiences to allow for a deeper connection with the content, which in turn helps to instill a love of learning and provides an authentic experience for everyone involved.

Innovative Practices & Qualified Teachers

Staying on the cutting-edge of research and best practices in gifted education allows our teachers to push the limits in what they can provide students. Establishing practices that create an emotional space for students to take risk and find their voice is the perfect foundation for traditional and progressive practices to take shape. Our teachers understand our students and believe that a partnership with the entire family is the best way to approach education.

Redefining Success

Success isn’t measured by the hours of homework that are assigned or completed, nor is it measured by how one student compares to another in a particular subject. Success comes in small victories, both academically and socially. Empowering students to recognize their strengths, celebrate their successes, overcome their challenges, and encourage them to take risks while failing with humor and humility are the cornerstones of how ACE Academy redefines success on a daily basis. Our assessment and evaluation protocols are firmly in place so that we know where a student is, within a given school year, and can meet their needs every step of the way.


ACE Academy provides a personalized education for gifted learners within a nurturing community.


ACE students embrace a complex and progressive curriculum, thrive in academic environments and confront challenges with creativity and flexibility.

ACE Academy is an independent, private school that offers gifted programming from K to 8th grade. Established in 2005, ACE Academy educates an underserved community of learners in Austin, Texas. A commonly accepted statistic is that gifted learners are those who score in the top 5% of IQ tests. A GT student can vary radically in specific abilities or areas (asynchronous development). Because GT children process information differently from the average student, they need a learning environment flexible enough to meet and encourage these differences. Their unique ways of thinking are assets that must be valued and encouraged, or they may be suppressed, hidden, or lost.

Guiding Principles


Experiencing authentic learning motivates students to take risks and become leaders.


Developing a growth mindset means having a strong work ethic, grit, and resourcefulness.


Effective learning requires depth and complexity, inquiry, risk-taking, optimism, and curiosity.


Celebrating diversity while practicing self-acceptance helps develop ethical values, moral courage and emotional character.


Making positive and meaningful contributions to improve our world involves innovation, creativity, and collaboration.


Teaching effectively requires focus and grounding in proven pedagogy, the discovery of evolving best practices, and honoring the tradition of mentorship, collaboration, and collegiality.