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Teachers and Staff

Our entire team is dedicated to enhancing the lives and education of gifted students.


Lower School Teachers
Upper School Teachers
Board of Directors


Desiree Kimball

Head of School

Maria Selke

Dean of Faculty and Curriculum

Nicki Hollums

Director of Development

Aerielle Anderson

Programs Manager

Ali Ronder

Director of Admissions and Summer Wonders

Erin Peace

School Counselor

Jol Walker

Director of IT

Lower School Teachers

Leslie Dover

Lower School Department Chair and 3rd - 4th Grade Teacher

Ches Foster

Lower School Teaching Assistant

Tasca Shadix

Lower School Learning Specialist

Valerie Mahillon

1st Grade Teacher

Upper School Teachers

Tara Barron

Upper School History Teacher

Annette Harris

Upper School STEM Teacher

Jackie Hinson

Upper School Literacy Teacher

Sowmya Srinivasan

Upper School Math Teacher

Tyson Rahmeier

History Department Chair and Upper School History Teacher

Board of Directors

Danny Mulligan
Mark Richmond
Jennifer Robinson
Ross Garsson
Lisa Novak
Desiree Kimball
Maria Selke
Sarah Harris
Laura Dinkel
Tyler Clark
Foreign Language
Fine Arts & Electives

Foreign Language

Julia Bao

Mandarin Teacher

Susana Lobo

Foreign Language Department
Chair and Upper and Lower
School Spanish Teacher

Fine Arts & Electives

Lina Daugvilaite

PE Coach/Clubs

Carole Dostie

Art and Spanish Teacher

Dana Lewis

Music Teacher

Bethany Rhoades

Fine Arts Department Chair and Upper and Lower School Theater Teacher

Consultants, Specialists & Collaborators

Adia Dawn

Wellness Support Specialist

Monica Clark

CALT Interventionist: Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

Patrick Benfield

Makerspace Collaborator
ACE Academy is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancedEd/SACS/CASI) through 2027. ACE Academy is a 501(c)3 school.
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