Fine Arts & Foreign Languages

"ACE is a place to express yourself freely and have fun." - Alexandra K.

Fine Arts

In Lower School, specials are added to the schedule in order to provide movement, develop appreciation, build skill sets, and promote risk taking. Once in Upper School, students can choose which electives they want to pursue in more depth. Certain specials and electives are offered every year due to their popularity, and other classes are created each year based on student request. ACE partners with the community and local organizations in order to continuously develop its Fine Arts Program and provide authentic experiences for our students. Some examples of past electives and specials include: Rock Band, PE, Stop Motion Animation, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Robotics, Coding, Art, Music, Debate, Film, Yoga & Meditation, Model UN, Russian Culture & Art, and Advanced Theater.

Foreign Language

Our foreign language program continues to develop as the school grows. Currently, we offer Spanish and Mandarin. At the Pod level, exposure to language is brought to life using songs, games, and play. At the Elementary level, classes are offered 4 days a week and at the Upper School level, classes are offered 5 days a week. The majority of foreign language teachers are native speakers in their respective language.