Extracurricular Programs

Our diverse extracurricular programs & supervised aftercare can be a great help to working parents.

ACE Academy recognizes the benefits that quality extracurricular programs provide. We regard the development and implementation of extracurricular programs as positive and meaningful contributions to the lives of our students, as a child’s curiosity and education cannot be contained only to the classroom or during regular school hours. Our extracurricular programs offer students a space and time to pursue and strengthen their individual interests and skills.

ACE Academy, offers a variety of after school clubs to meet this need. Our fall and spring club offerings take place once or twice a week and last an hour to an hour and half. Costs vary depending on club selection and payment is made directly to the club leader. Each session encompasses a wide range of choices and historically fill up quickly following their unveiling. Past choices include: chess club, math pentathlon, sticky fingers cooking, fencing, Chinese, cinema 101, minecraft, Harry Potter, taekwondo, and many more.

Following clubs, ACE also has a supervised Aftercare program that lasts until 5:45PM.

For more information about Extracurricular Programs and Clubs, please contact programs@AustinGifted.org.