"ACE is a place to express yourself freely and have fun." - Alexandra K.

Our Approach

Our students in second, third, and fourth grade are grouped with their age appropriate peers to strengthen social and leadership skills, while exploring an advanced curriculum that can extend up to middle school level, for those students who would benefit from such study. Developmentally, this is the time when students can take on more responsibility, ownership and organization, topics that are covered in the weekly executive functioning class. Special classes for our graduating class are embedded to prepare them for higher scholarly organizational expectation that come with Upper School.

Building on the affective curriculum taught in the Pods, as well as maintaining some routines for consistency, students develop self-regulation, empathy, and grit while continuing to provide opportunities for creativity and problem solving; students social and emotional needs are weighed equally with their academic needs.

Elementary students have access to:

Math offerings that cover 2nd - 4th grade levels and can extend for those students who demonstrate readiness.

Language Arts offerings that cover 2nd - 4th grade state and national standards and provide differentiation for students to explore depth and complexity.

Science offerings (using the AAAS Atlas, Next Generation Science Standards, and the International Society for Technology in Education Standards) that cover 2nd - 4th grade standards.

Social studies offerings that tie in with thematic units and cover, at a minimum, content and skills in agreement with state-level standards and enhanced through the application of national standards (e.g., NCSS, NCHS, NGS) to provide deeper understanding as well as increased student-centered involvement.

Foreign language & Fine Arts classes.