"The supportive & collaborative culture amongst faculty & administration is unparalleled." - Rama S.

Who Are ACE Teachers?

We look for teachers who are creative, curious, and full of ideas. ACE teachers value questions more than order; they are not afraid of a child who is smarter than they are.

ACE looks for teachers who enjoy the quick thinking, constant questions, and critical curiosity of gifted learners. We train our teachers well in understanding gifted education, and our classrooms are essentially proving grounds for applied education and psychology theory. We look for people who are experts in their field, who want to share their knowledge, and who value children who don’t just soak up knowledge but want to discuss and challenge ideas. Schools specializing in gifted education are rare, and for those rare ACE teachers it is exhilarating to teach at our school.

Submit a Cover Letter & Resume to Teach

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