ACE Academy's Board of Directors

ACE Academy and Summer Wonders operate under the umbrella of Austin Gifted Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Austin Gifted has a Board of Directors who manage its affairs, principally by hiring and supervising a Head of School. The Board also reviews and approves the annual budget, and oversees & supports the school’s fundraising activities. The Head of School is responsible for the daily operation of the school, including such duties as employing faculty and staff, developing the curriculum, and enacting rules of conduct or discipline.

Board members are unpaid volunteers serving staggered 3 year terms. No more than 33% of the members can be parents of children enrolled at the school. No more than 33% of the board members can be "interested persons" which means someone employed by the organization, doing financial business with the organization, or family members of the same.

The board typically meets on a monthly schedule, with one meeting per year open to the community and one annual meeting.

A copy of the by-laws under which Austin Gifted Inc operates can be downloaded here.