"ACE helps me to become a better person." - Anurag N.

ACE believes in the importance of having a weekly check-in for upper school students with an advocate and mentor. Weekly lunch meetings take place where general school announcements are shared, planners are checked, and more individualized topics are broached. These meetings are a time for connecting with students as individuals, fostering student growth, communicating with parents, and building strong relationships. If possible, advisors stay with their advisees throughout their upper school experience.

All students participate in a Wednesday class called Lifelong Learning Tools. Students take a self assessment survey to learn more about their executive functioning (EF) areas of strengths and challenges. Advisors will then use their results to personalize their advisory weekly sessions and classes for the remainder of the year. If parents are interested, they can take the parent version of the survey as well. While the survey touches on many EF skills, ACE will focus on the following:

1. Organizing - keeping track of materials at home and in school, organizing ideas and information for essays and research papers
2. Planning & prioritizing - mapping out multi-step tasks such as long-term class projects and judging which assignments are most important to tackle first and which assignments matter most -- from Beyond Book Smart
3. Task Initiation - starting a non-preferred task
4. Time Management - allocating an appropriate amount of time for work and other commitments
5. Self-regulation - managing strong emotions and inhibiting impulsive behaviors