ACE Innovation

"ACE teachers teach me things I don't know. ACE gives me wisdom. ACE feels like home." - Nikhil M.

ACE Innovation highlights and emphasizes some of the key tenets, skills, and philosophies that are important to ACE Academy.

Design thinking encourages students to be flexible thinkers. The value of the experience does not lie solely in the end product; learning happens throughout the process, from the early research phase to the final presentation. This allows students and teachers to focus on what’s most important in learning: the process.

ACE Innovation is a signature program that all students participate in during the 2nd semester.

ACE launched its first Company Program in the Spring of 2018 with fellow ACE parent volunteers and with the help of Junior Achievement.

ACE Innovation highlights both our students and Austinites who value and support creativity and innovation.

For students who enjoy competition, an optional “Shark Tank” style event is held and the first place winner receives $500 seed money for their innovation.

One of Our Pod Students at ACE Innovation