Beyond the Classroom

Field Studies Days

Field studies originate in the classroom with a topic and transdisciplinary exploration. ACE Academy searches out field studies in which students can ask all their questions and can be actively involved. Past field studies have included observing International Space Day with “Space Man Bill” and assembling a telescope to observe the sun through filters. We visited with graduate students in the Robotics Department at UT Austin, learning to manipulate robots old and new. After studying the phenomena of labyrinths and mazes in multiple cultures around the world, we visited two very different labyrinths in Austin and then created our own in an Austin park with 50 pounds of cornmeal.

Sports Day

A day of track and field activities that include the classic races and team sports, and our crowd-pleasing annual rubber chicken toss.

After-School Enrichment

We offer afterschool activities with new programs every semester, with activities in athletics, language, fine arts, and robotics.

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Student Performances

ACE students have many opportunities to take to the stage. In addition to an annual production, our theatre students perform at other functions, such as the UT Children’s Shakespeare Festival. Clubs such as Improv Troupe and Shakespeare Society are popular choices as well.

Summer Wonders

Since its inception in 1999, Summer Wonders has served over 2400 gifted children, primarily from Austin and Central Texas but including children from other states and countries. Every year the feedback from families included comments such as “Why can’t school be like Summer Wonders?!” and “Why can’t we have fall, winter, and spring wonders?” In 2005, the founders answered those questions by forming ACE Academy.

Come experience the summer program that launched an entire school! Complete program information can be found at

Special Events

ACE Academy hosts many special events. For a complete list, click here.