Independent Study

"ACE is a supportive environment with great teachers, and I have lots of friends here." - Teddy C.

Gifted learners need opportunities and time to expand on their interests in a structured yet flexible environment. Throughout any given day students are exposed to countless new concepts, alternative perspectives, and complex ideas that require time for discussion, reflection, and expansion.

Research shows that gifted students thrive when they are allowed to pursue their interests and build complex and detailed connections. Open Door Interdisciplinary Modules (ODIM) provides several ways of meeting this need. Through teacher modules, student-driven salons, mentoring meetings, and independent studies, students will have the time to explore their individual interests in multiple ways. Because students take responsibility for what and how they are learning a new concept, intrinsic motivation plays a key role in the learning process.

Every year Upper School students participate in ODIM they learn more about this program and their own personal learning process. We encourage new learning each year and it is our expectation that we see growth from students the longer they are involved in the program. Facilitators challenge experienced ODIMers to take more risks and delve deeper into this semester long program in order to push themselves to new levels of learning, understanding, and making real-world connections.