Financial Aid

ACE Academy believes that any child who qualifies for gifted services should have their social, emotional and academic needs met, regardless of their socio-economic status. In an effort to widen our impact and help families, financial aid support is available to current and newly enrolled students.

We understand that getting the appropriate testing to qualify for ACE can be a financial burden to some. ACE Academy works with approved licensed psychologists who administer IQ testing and can provide discounts to those families who qualify for our financial aid.

Procedure and Timeline

Funds for the school year are allocated both in February and during the summer. New applications are accepted each year beginning in January. Parents must complete the application process and be accepted before we can make you an offer of financial assistance; please do not fill out the application for aid before speaking directly with the Director of Admissions and Student Affairs.

The Director of Admissions and Student Affairs will supply you with important dates and deadline information. Applicants must apply annually so that financial resources can be independently verified.

How can I determine if my family qualifies for Financial Aid?

By collecting a few key facts (family size, income, assets and liabilities) we can recommend whether or not your family should apply for our need-based scholarship award determined through FACTS Management. All conversations are strictly confidential and completely separate from the admissions process.

Parent and Student Expectations

Parents who receive a financial aid scholarship are asked to make all other required fees and payments, on time and in full, in order to be considered for financial aid in the future. If a student’s tuition account is past due, financial aid will not be awarded. Students who are on academic or behavior probation forfeit their financial aid scholarship.

How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?

You can apply for financial aid through FACTS. Read about the program here and then apply online at .

To set up and access your FACTS account, click here.