Teaching at ACE Academy


ACE teachers are a special breed.

They typically are gifted kids grown up, with multiple interests and talents. Something deep within drives them and makes them want to share their passions and teach others to love what they love, whether it’s chemistry or literature or music.

We look for teachers who are creative, curious, and full of ideas. ACE teachers value questions more than order; they are not afraid of a child who is smarter than they are. With humor and imagination, they work at being flexible, but they are almost always described as “intense.” They tend to work very hard and try to do their very best, but they don’t count their minutes in the classroom or live for the weekend—like our students, the opportunity to learn and do seems to go by all too quickly each day.

ACE does not look for teachers with GT certification, but we do look for those who enjoy the quick thinking, constant questions, and critical curiosity of gifted learners. We train our teachers well and constantly in understanding gifted kids, and our classrooms are essentially proving grounds for applied education and psychology theory. Having many years of teaching experience is valuable IF you have remained curious and open to change along the way. We look for people who are experts in their field, who want to share their knowledge, and who value children who don’t just soak up knowledge but want to discuss and challenge ideas. Many people assume that high-IQ learners are the “easy ones,” but teachers of the gifted know better. Gifted students can sometimes absorb and chew through 2 weeks of lesson plans in a couple of days, and they’re hungry for more.

Schools for gifted learners are rare, and we recognize that very few teachers have ever had an experience like our classrooms at ACE. Having two or three gifted students in a mixed-abilities classroom is nothing like a concentration of all gifted kids. For many teachers it is overwhelming. For those rare ACE teachers, it is exhilarating. The energy and questions are non-stop; the mental connections that explode out of class discussion and make many teachers fearful of losing time or “going off the lesson book” actually inspire ACE teachers to find opportunities and explore new possibilities with students. Our classes are sometimes quiet, but they are just as likely to resound with the joyful noise of active learning.

ACE teachers must also be excellent communicators, verbally, non-verbally, in writing, and electronically. Your intense, gifted colleagues appreciate your tact as much as your intelligence, and involved parents expect prompt and articulate responses to their queries.

Current Openings

We are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year for the following positions.

Upper School Humanities

STEM Teaching Assistant (part time)

Spanish Teacher (part time)

Math Specialist

7th/8th Grade STEM Teacher (full time)

Application to Teach

If you’re looking for a teaching job, we wish you the best. If you’re looking to connect with other gifted adults and children, and if you welcome invention and change, please send an application, your resume and cover letter to info@austingifted.org. You can also fax them to 512-532-6188.

Download an application to teach.