What is Gifted?

The term “gifted and talented” (GT) is a traditional education term that is often misunderstood and deserves clarification. A commonly accepted statistic is that gifted learners are those who score in the top 5% of IQ tests. A GT student can vary radically in specific abilities or areas (asynchronous development). Because GT children process information differently from the average student, they need a learning environment flexible enough to meet and encourage these differences. Their unique ways of thinking are assets that must be valued and encouraged, or they may be suppressed, hidden, or lost. The need for flexible, appropriate education with specific attention to both intellectual and emotional needs is well documented.

Our goal at ACE is not to apply a label, but to meet the specific needs of these children.

Gifted Characteristics

These behaviors, abilities, and tendencies can be signs of giftedness in pre-primary and primary students:

  • Expresses curiosity about many things
  • Asks thoughtful and complex questions
  • Has an extensive vocabulary and uses complex sentence structure
  • Demonstrates abstract thought processes; thrives on complexity
  • May be very intense or sensitive; shows strong feelings or opinions
  • Is able to express herself / himself well
  • Solves problems or organizes information in unique ways
  • May be highly energetic
  • Has an unusually good memory
  • May exhibit unusual talent in art, music, or drama
  • Has an unusually strong moral sense
  • May be natural leaders
  • Uses previously learned data in new contexts
  • Quick to grasp relationships; draws inferences
  • May see many solutions to a problem
  • Is well able to order things in logical sequence
  • Discusses and elaborates on ideas; gives complicated/detailed explanations
  • Is a fast learner
  • May be developmentally advanced
  • May see ambiguity in factual information
  • Works independently and uses initiative
  • May prefer the company of older children and adults
  • Exhibits a highly developed sense of humor
  • May be perfectionistic, highly self-critical; likes to be the best in everything
  • May have varied interests
  • Has a sustained attention span; shows willingness to persist on challenging tasks (particularly in their area of interest)
  • Is very observant
  • Shows talent in making up and telling stories